Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Why Get a mouth guard for Exercise?

For any of us, we might think it’s weird to wear a mouthguard for exercises such as running, biking, or even biking, however, there are some great reasons why you should wear one, since there are those that have knocked out teeth, and they can tell you right then and there why It’s important to wear a mouth guard even when exercising. For starters, replacing a tooth isn’t fun at any age, but it’s also expensive. The veneers and implants that need to be replaced do add up too, and it can make whitening teeth a whole lot more complicated. It can also pop the veneer or crown off if you’re chewing on it too much. Now, nothing beats a real tooth, and you should wear a mouth guard even when you’re at the gym, since it’ll definitely help.

Now, there are a few reasons why you should wear a mouth guard while you’re exercising. First of all, dental insurance doesn’t cover it. It isn’t like medical insurance, since most plans only go up to about two grand each year. For example, if you fall and knock out a few teeth, you could end up having to pay almost 20 grand out of pocket, which isn’t something that you want to do.

Also, remember that these are fragile. People lose teeth biting into an apple, or even bumping their tooth on a wine glass during a party. They definitely aren’t something that you should try to ignore, since teeth are extremely fragile and can be changed in a moment.

Also, when you fall off at a young age, break a tooth or some teeth, the problem is that you end up having to have this tooth issue for life. If you break it young, it’ll be there when you’re old. Various veneers, bonding, fillings and root canals don’t last forever, and the truth is, you’re going to have to get them replaced for the rest of your life. However, if you do want to, you can always get artificial teeth, but remember that they sometimes need to be replaced as well, and it’s hard to match the color, plus it’s seriously expensive as well.

It also can even improve your athletic performance. When you’re engaging in a sport, and you’re using the muscles in your body, you tend to clench your teeth. Many people notice this, but many people don’t. however, it actually depletes the oxygen that is there, and in essence, you’re hurting yourself. This isn’t even involving your Eugene dentist at this point, but it also is involving the overall athleticism that you so desire.

Now, you don’t have to be punched in the face to damage a tooth. They’re fragile, and teeth sometimes tap each other during a fall, which then leads to cracking and tooth loss. Mouth guards tend to absorb the contact of the force and it will help protect your mouth against the chipping, knocking out, and even breaking. Some tend to believe mouth guards are only for contact sports, but you should have them for non-contact sports as well, such as gymnastics, snowboarding, skiing, and even ice skating. Even various field events in track and field such as the high jump and pole vault can really benefit from having this. When you fall, even if you don’t directly fall on your face, your jaw will come together and it’ll cause the teeth to impact against one another. In essence, this is like an airbag placed around the teeth, which protects them from contacting one another when there is an impact. This will prevent the internal collision that causes teeth to break and then leads to a bunch of dental issues. Remember, nothing beats the feeling and health of a real tooth. You can talk to your Eugene dentist more about this, especially with regards to which ones will benefit you the most. However, if sports are your thing, and there is some risk for falling in said sport, it is in your best interest to ensure that you do take the time and the actions necessary to protect your teeth and to give yourself the best oral health that you possibly can.

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